Friday, April 30, 2010

Dreams and the Supernatural

Another old Myspace post...
I blink...and everything has changed. I see the same things staring me in the face, ominous and looming as a reminder of what I am leaving behind. I almost feel a tugging at my soul, calling me to a different place. I close my eyes for a second...maybe it was more than a second...the more I sync with this new universe the less time seems to matter. I hear the voices of the past, present, and future mix in a klidoscope inside my head. Fractured pecies of sound meld into my every nerve and the separation between body and mind becomes painfully clear. I have the distinct feeling that I should be saying something and find that I articulate myself beautifully in this realm of timespace. Is this timespace or something that exists within the deeper confines of another plane? My thoughts seem to speak and my words seem to think as I get an answer to my question in an English I don't quite understand.

I suddenly feel a warm caress cooling my skin and chilling me to the bone. I look up in confusion and in supplication to a force I can see but I'm not entirely convinced that it is really there. I reach out in a vain attempt to link with something real, but all I see are illusions. My hand falls through solid form and the thin viels holding everything in proper place are breaking down in an avalance of shattered atoms. I hear them fall around me, dropping slowly as if it were raining paint in the color of everything around me. I feel it run down my skin, oily yet subtle like a silk wind warping and twisting my memory until I remember the future and forget the past. I am standing in a pool of carpet now, wet and sticky between my toes as it grows over them. I try to lift my feet but I am stopped by the chains of a thousand souls bound to some energy I percieve only behind my eyes.

I awake in my bed, unsure of how I garnered permission from an unearthly overlord to return to the land of my familiars. I am unsure as to the nature of reality in my room, afraid that I am still being tempted. I close my eyes again and fall deeply into slumber. I'm still not convinced that I am truely awake...

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