Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My cat, my friend

I was thinking a lot today about my cat, Remus. The cat that went from an awkward little ball of striped and spotted fur to a huge bulk of a feline and in the process has worked his way into my heart. Over the years, I've gotten used to having him around, to the point of ignoring him a lot of the time. I think it is easy when you've been around someone (and yes Remus is a someONE, just because he is a cat it doesn't make him any less of a being) for so long to take them for granted. It really makes me wonder how many people do this. I also got to thinking about how much I would miss Remus if something were to happen to him. Does he know how much I appreciate his company? I spend way too much time being upset with him, at least it seems like it. He does what all cats do...gets into things he shouldn't and scratches things he shouldn't scratch. It seems like lately I've been yelling at him more than I've been telling him I love him. I know that I've been way stressed out but I shouldn't take it out on my friend. What if he isn't the only friend I've been abusing? It makes me think about how I've been treating the people around me.
I shouldn't take my stress out on my furry friend. In fact I should be showing him love and affection because in all his annoying catness, that is exactly what he is trying to show to me.

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