Saturday, May 1, 2010

The first day of May...

It is the first day of May and surprisingly sunny in my corner of the world. I find myself sitting alone with my thoughts and the thrum of electro house in my ears. I might go outside later if it isn't too cold. I find myself kind of at a loss in many ways, mostly because for the longest time my life was defined by my work schedule and suddenly that is all changing. I will admit that the change is good for my health...working a funky schedule was literally killing me. This is the first time in a while that I can say Ive felt "normal" and actually want to do something other than sit in bed all day. Maybe this respite from my job is exactly what I needed.
My birthday is in four days although I might as well celebrate it now. Whats a day or two on either side? The transition from 27 to 28 isn't exactly profound. Not like the transition from 17 to 18 or 20 to 21. Nothing special happens to me except that I can look at everyone and say "See? I survived another year!" That is something to be proud of I think, especially in this crazy world. My cat agrees with me. *smiles* I think everyone should take the time out of their day to appreciate the fact that they are still alive to experience all the joy and the pain of our world. This existence is but a scratch on the surface of whats out there but we were put here for a reason. Somehow I think we should be enjoying the ride and learning from it, not resenting every step.
So today, listen to some good music, pet a cat or a dog (or whatever critter you prefer) and embrace living. The alternative is misery. :-)

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