Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sore Observations

I'm sitting in front of my computer...glad I can finally sit up but still a little sore. I've had an interesting few days. I'll start with my birthday (the 5th). I spent some time outside, got myself a good lunch and reveled in the fact that I was around to enjoy the semi-sunny afternoon that Oregon decided to bless us with. At some point, I got a text from my neighbor. Her car blew a hose and she needed a ride to the auto parts store. Of course, the parts house didn't have a simple piece of plastic...they informed us that Ford was the only one who makes said plastic hose and they wanted over $60 for it. All this part is is a plastic tube with a hose barb at the inlet and two on the outlet. It's simple, it's stupid...but it's expensive. Going to the junkyard would be a far better idea than giving Ford more money (and helping them justify making such a crappy part to begin with). The next day my neighbor needed to get to her mid term so I happily volunteered. I'm glad I did! The drive up to the Lane Community College (hereafter referred to as LCC) is beautiful, especially when it is sunny out. Thursday was such a wonderfully sunny day! The whole landscape seemed alive and vibrant, more so than usual. I got my financial aid paperwork in (I really needed to if I want to get into summer term). Afterwards we got some Taco Bell and sat back and watched a LOT of TV. Mostly police shows and Lets Make a Deal (Wayne Brady, I love you lol). We did go to the junkyard, but it closed right as we pulled in. On the way there and back, I was amazed at the diversity of the cars and trucks around here. You rarely see the same make and model twice. I figure its the huge diversity that makes it so no one notices my car. We got to the junkyard Friday though. I would love to spend more time just checking the place out. I love junkyards, though. I did end up working on Saturday. I walked more in one day than I usually do in a weeks time so I am really sore. I need to work back into walking long distances again although I don't think I'll be able to get back into the shape I was in before because of my bad foot. It makes me feel kind of old but at the same time I have to accept my limitations...and get educated to the point where I can get a job that doesn't involve miles upon miles of walking. At least I have today to relax, which is just what I needed. Happy Mothers day to all moms by the way!

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