Friday, March 31, 2017


Eyes of glass, empty
I stare into the bright abyss
My fingers glide through muscular memory
Words of sympathy
Words of hope
Commiserations on a theme or two
Someone asks a question
And finds a million answers
Some make total sense
Some are asinine
Depending on your point of view
Connected to a million people
None of them I know
Offerings of help and helpings of judgment
A million fibers intertwined
We’re connected, you and I
Members of the same species
Somehow we’ve lost touch
Impossible loneliness rules our lives
Islands of individuals in an ocean of information
Maybe I’ll collect an olive branch
Post it for all to see
It will last forever
A testament to my immortality
It’s there but no one sees
It exists but it’s not real
I’m flesh at the end of the line
Bone at the end of the mind
Tap tap tap my opinion
A snowflake in a blizzard
Hurling at the speed of light

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