Thursday, June 3, 2010

I watch way too much Sci Fi...Dream Journal 6/3/2010

I found myself in a large structure. From the view I can tell it is some sort of control tower. Various alarms are going off all around me and I can see from what looks like a radar screen that we are surrounded by a large number of red dots but not a lot of green ones. There was an old man, military type, barking orders through a PA microphone. I had hardly registered where I was when I saw a missile, one of OUR missiles, crash right into the side of our building. Everything erupted in chaos. In the confusion I made my way to a helicopter pad. Rows and rows of choppers in various states of repair and function surrounded me on all sides. I saw a woman directing orders in the middle of the confusion. I walked up to her almost impulsively and asked her, "Do you need a gunner?" She pointed at a helicopter that was about to take off. I ran and jumped into the back seat. The pilot took off without a word. As soon as we were in the air, we were surrounded on all sides by alien creatures. They were about 4 feet across wingtip to wingtip. They had 8 claws down the side of each "wing" and had very large stingers at the end of short tails. They seemed to be dripping a slimy clear liquid from what looked like a gaping mouth filled with pointy black teeth. They attached themselves to the sides of the helicopters and started ripping away metal and melting it with the slimy liquid. I watched several choppers go down in flames as I shot as many aliens as I could out of the air with the rear and forward guns. Suddenly an alien burrowed through the side of my helicopter and attached itself to me. I tried to fight it off as it latched onto me with its claws and started stinging me. Thats when I woke up...

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