Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Mothers Tears

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The rain fell silently, soaking through the moonless night and chilling it to the core. It was one of those nights that drove people indoors to cuddle up with each other and converse in the language of love. On nights like these, life stops for a moment and all that is cold and lonely falls away, replaced by an inner peace that can only be described as heaven on earth. The deepest cold brought out the warmest joy and all that was wrong in the world faded away as people fell asleep embraced by something more powerful than the storm. As the rain fell, people held their comforts close,afraid of what might happen if everything was suddenly ripped away. The sad irony is while people are comforted by the closeness that the cold brings, they are also afraid of its tendrils that lie in wait threatning all that they hold sacered.
While the city lost itself in slumber, a few stragglers wandered through the darkness. They were the untold element of the city, the part that was swept under the rug and excluded from conversation. They were the people that affirmed the status quo and reassured the masses that everything was just fine the way it was. On that cold, wet, September night, one girl wasn't thinking about status quos or governments or the machines they managed. She wasn't thinking about the cold or the darkness. She was thinking about survival. A survival so profound and sublime that it extended beyond herself, beyond conciousness, beyond the capacity of human reasoning. It was beauty and necesity. It was the very meaning of life itself. Her survival had been threatened and then taken from her all in the name of due process and civil order. While the city slept hidden from the rain, the girl stood in the middle of it, fighting for something society forgot long ago.

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