Thursday, June 3, 2010

Repost of Dream Journal 3-27-2010

This is a dream I had written down on 3/27. I put it on facebook but decided to repost here for everyone to see...Ive been accused of having a vivid imagination lol. I hope you all enjoy this foray into my strange mind :)
It was pitch black, the kind of dark that makes you think twice about being outside. I glanced in the review mirror as a whisp of an exasperated and nervous sigh escaped into oblivion. I asked myself, "what the hell am I doing here?", a mantra to go along with the intermitant tap of my finger on the steering wheel. I suddenly felt the chill of the night air through to my core as my phone sprung to life. The text gave me a place to go. I checked the review mirror again and started on my way. Was that someone behind me? As I drove, I saw the lights getting closer. I pushed my car harder and harder and the lights got closer and closer. I felt my car start to give and the check engine light came on. I could smell smoke and the heat suddenly washed over me as I felt the other car hit my rear bumper. I heard a thunder clap and my vision went white...and then I woke up in my bed as my alarm started to sound.

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