Friday, June 11, 2010

Late night thoughts...

It is 1 am...well a little bit after actually. I'm sitting here, alone with my thoughts. I end up being alone with my thoughts quite a bit thanks to the work I do. Tonight, I'm thinking about judging people. I've noticed lately that I am quick to call someone a jerk or an asshole. I have to stop myself and think are they really a jerk or are they just behaving badly? Is it an isolated thing or are they really that bad? I don't want to be guilty of casting stones because I know I am not without sin. I try my hardest but I am only human and am prone to lapses in judgement. Part of living in harmony is the establishment and respect of boundaries. Most of the time, the poor choices made by others does not cross into my boundary sphere. It makes me wonder exactly though how I should feel about the awful things people do to each other. I know it makes me sad but should it anger me too? Jesus taught tolerance and peace. In other places in the Bible it says we should obey the people God has put into power because they rule with Godly law. I don't see the actions of some of our leaders as godly at all. Is there a reason why God would put ungodly people in places where they would do the most damage? I pray quite a bit and I often find myself speaking to the Father because I am confused. His ways are not our ways, this I know but sometimes I wonder why our ways are so different. Maybe we were dropped here as an alien experiment. For all we know we could have been the product of an accident or a cosmic fart. No matter what though, I think that the creator of the universe dwells within every part of it and as consciously aware beings we are driven to understand our creator. Maybe focusing on this drive rather than succumbing to greed, or something equally as destructive, will bring us closer to the peace we seek.

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